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F2U Moon devider by annaza0000

.:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu I want to open some special Adopts ATs, because I'm searching for new OCs!
I'd like to trade OCs for OCs. I would make you too an OCs, after your wishes.  .:Mini star bullet 03:. by Chipi-Chiu


.:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu .:Mini star bullet 02:. by Chipi-Chiu

Pixel: Moon by apparate Please use the form, if you are interessted, to make sure, I have all the Information for your Adopt
- Fandom:
- Gender:
- Special characteristics:
- No Gos:
- Anything else:

If you have any other special wish about the hair, skin or look write it please~

Here are references from what I can offer

  Akuma Dress by Naakichia AnkhaMae151 by Naakichia

Please, let's do without shadow

1000 Watcher Raffle [OPEN]Hey guuyys!!!
Some days ago we did it, I reached 1K watchers qvq
so it's time for a big raffle for you guys as a thanks for
all the support and feedback and all >w<
you rock! Love
Let's start with the rules qvq
Bullet; Pink Be a watcher, new watchers are welcome, but please don't unwatch if you don't win, this is super rude
Bullet; Pink Make a NEW Poll, journal or/and statusupdate linking to this. (Link it in your comment!)
Bullet; Pink fave this journal
Bullet; Pink also it’d be nice if you tell me how you've found me
This gives you 1 Ticket to enter.

More tickeds can be gained with:

Bullet; Purple  Tag 3 of your friends to get 1 extra ticket (9 people max.)
Bullet; Purple follow me on Facebook


750+ Watcher Raffle !!! OPEN     
     HEY EVERYONE !!!  
I always wanted to do a raffle and since I reached so many watcher
I'd really like to thank you for your support with a raffle! ;n; ♥
  .Star Divider. by Syumi.Star Divider. by Syumi.Star Divider. by Syumi  Free Bullet - Cookie Star - by ChibiMogu
  .:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuBe a Watcher ! New Watchers are always welcome but don't unwatch me after the Raffle Ends !
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-ChiuFavorite this Journal !
.:little bullet star:. by Chipi-Chiu Share this journal in a NEW poll or a NEW journal / status

das ist fies naja erst mal das… , dann liebe ich das hab ja schon gefragt ob du das als commission machst war zwar ein anderes bild aber zählt trotzdem… und ich könnte noch stunden alle hier auflisten :) (Smile)

ART RAFFLE(CLOSED)-[Winner Announced]
First of all I want to say thank you all so much for joining!  
In the near future I plan to make another raffle, but with two prizes!




  How to enter

 +fav this journal
You must be my watcher
Share this Journal in your own Journal or Poll

  Extra ticket
 Tag 3 people [+1]



Special Birthday Raffle [WINNER ANOUNCED][EDIT 09/03/2017] Because I memorized the entry numbers of each participant and it could be very unfair, I asked my friend KimiK-Art to do the Random number
And the winner of my Birthday Raffle is...

Number 08! My sister's fav number!
:iconHatakeYuko: Congratulations!!
So dear, send me a Note with your Character info (fullbody references, please and their personallity) and your address!
Thank you very much for participate on my Raffle!!
I hope to do more in the future!
Tradicional Art Raffle and you can get an original picture done by me as you can see in the examples below!
Examples of color (with Copic Markers)
Depending of the character or your idea (ONLY ONE CHARACTER), I will choose between a fullbody or a halfbody
..:: RULES required::..


THE WINNER IS №20! :heart:

This person is watching me, faved this journal and m
ade a journal about my raffle (all 
Congratulations! <3
I'm glad that so much people have an interest in my arts! <3
Good luck in the next time! :heart:

Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance Valentines Birb Dance <da:emoticon id="663625872" profile="deviation">


Little Raffle :B

I want to do a little raffle B)
only 1 winner 1 oc SORRY DB
what you can win?
Art like this with one : 

What you have to do?
+fav this journal.
-You must be my watcher.
-Share this Journal in your own Journal or Poll.
-Link 3 Persons.
Good luck!
CLOSING Raffle on 31th March

CHIBI RAFFLE (CLOSED)-[Winner Announced]Panda - icon Panda - icon Panda - icon Panda - icon Panda - icon Panda - icon Panda - icon 
i'm really thankful to every one of you! 
Bunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] WINNERBunny Emoji-56 (Nomnomnom) [V3] 


Congratulations to the winner

Panda - icon     


111 WATCHER RAFFLE! [CLOSED]Hello dear watchers! <3
Since a few days we already reached the 100 watchers and we are so happy about all your support!
So as a thank you we wanted to hold another raffle!
1. Price:
- 1 Custom Adoptable (no furries, you can also choose one from our closed species), you'll get a 50 % discount on the next adoptable you'll buy from us!
2. Price: 
- 1 Custom Adoptable (no furries, you can also choose one from our closed species), you'll get a 20 % discount on the next adoptable you'll buy from us!
3. Price: 
- 1 Custom Adoptable (no furries, you can also choose one from our closed species)
How to enter the raffle:
1. To enter you need to fav the journal first and comment this journal that you are participating! 
2. Watch us, new watchers are welcome! (but your account should be at least two weeks old from the beginning of raffle) 

[STILL OPEN] 200 Watcher Raffle!Prizes have been donated! TToTT

La la la la *loud squealing* La la la la 
OMG! OMG! OMG! I only just hit 100 in January! (it took exactly a month to get to this milestone!)
... I still haven't finished the 150 art... I don't deserve this!
Q_Q You people are beyond amazing!Q_Q 
I just want to hug you all!
First up!
Congratulations to Cloudellie
As the 200th watcher I will be making you a free chibi so please pick a style and note me the character you'd like drawn!
On another positive note!
Thank you to everyone who's helped me the last few months. Please go check out these people who have either shown emotional support, been great company or helped advertising my art! (or all 3. You're all amazing!)
I am se

Art Raffle! [Closed]edit: Here are the winners has chosen:
*  The second prize goes to Kristamy  * 

Star The first prize goes to Naakichia Star 

Pixel: Purple Star Please contact me within 3 days or the prize will go to someone else! Pixel: Purple Star 
I actually wanted to do an art raffle at 300 watchers, but my watcher count has pretty much stagnated at around 250 for a few months now. Which is why I decided to say FUCK IT I want to draw other people's OCs and hold a raffle RIGHT NOW!! I only draw humanoid Ocs though.
-You have to be a watcher of mine! New watchers are welcome too of course!!

350+ watchers raffle! ( CLOSED )CONGRATS TO :iconIdiotTwins: !! 
thank you for joining ^o^ ! I'll note you asap
oh and also ! i've reached 500 watchers too, thank than k y o uguys :iconweepplz:

thank you guys so much! i'm really happy, i hope i can draw more arts in the future!Chiyo Crying Icon 
and the last day of my core orz
- Arrow left  Watchers only (( new watchers are welcome but please don't do it because of this raffle / unwatch when the raffle ends ))
- Don't try to cheat with multiple accounts, do it in fair and square
- Comment to get +1 ticket

- Extras :
Arrow left  Make a journal or poll to this raffle ! ( + 2 ticket )
Arrow left  Tag 1-3 friends, only active accounts only ! ( + 1 tic

i also post an Status update and ask, which Roleplay Group do you prefer? (Both from Naruto)
so here again:

1. a Naruto High school:
- Where you can pair your OC with different canons. (But only one oc per Canon)
Your OC would slip into the role of a highschool student and experience the stressful everyday life.

2. an new village create by my own
- Or a new village created by me.
With different clans I design, to which you can make Ocs.

1,000 PTS GIVEAWAY!!!! + free headshot [CLOSED]hey guys once again giveaway time!!
1st place: 500 :points: and free headshot drawing (coloring included)
2nd place: 200 :points: and free headshot drawing (coloring included)
3rd place: 100 :points:
4th place 50 :points:
5th place 50 :points:
6th place 25 :points:
7th place 25 :points:
8th place 25 :points:
9th place 25 :points:
1) fave this journal
2) leave comment and make a journal about this giveaway
winners will be announced on march. 2nd, 2017
2 lucky deviants do have the chance to receive 250 :points: each


Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku Mini Stars Divider (1) by UsagiPinku
40 :points:
Mira Portrait by Naakichia
60 :points:
    Mira | Wilnaah by Naakichia Kaori | Wilnaah by Naakichia Miwa | Headshot by Naakichia

Special Headshot
65 :points:
YCH | Headshot | CookieHolicNyu by Naakichia

Milk, phone numbers, and the moon divider by glovannas
coding by drinking-about-you

Blue Hydrenga by Sindonic~Waiting for~ Zebra Aloe by Sindonic

Verena-Senpai - (Prize for participation in her contest)
goldiesu - (Raffle Prize)
XxReiReixX - (Raffle Prize)
Kiirino - (Raffle Price)

Hada-SKYHELL - (Request)
Hada-SKYHELL - Pixeldoll (Request)
wilnaah - Family Picture (Request)
RoRpc - (Request Miwa)
LeafVillagNightmare - (Request Akuma x Miwa)
SakuraNoSama - OC (Request)

Commission + YCH
teegesicht  - Commission (Akuma x Miwa)
JustSher - YCH Chibi (Akuma)
Tsukihii - YCH (Miwa)

Hada-SKYHELL - AT (Custom)
TheDaughterofNight - AT (Custom)
xxEmeraldSakamarino - AT (Custom)
Natsu-No-Hana - AT (Custom)
DahPotato - AT (Custom)
ClaireeWinchester - AT (Custom)
<da:thumb id="647591311"/>

three hearts unite to one

Fri Nov 18, 2016, 11:34 AM
i have completely forgotten to present you Miwa. She simply appeared without any warning here, so you get a few infos in this journal about her and my pairing.
You can also read here, why I put Miwa, Akuma and Gaara together and why I thing that they fit together.

--- Miwa ---

Birthday: 23.04
Age: Part I: 11 | Pat II: 15
Living Place: Sunagakure
Hobby: playing piano| reading | cooking | playing harp
Character: stubborn| lovely
Weakness: can't eat a lot at once, baking
Strenghs: music | stiching
Children: 4 own children & 9 adopted
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

-- she has a photographic memory
-- she loves magic and it is her trademark
-- she is alergic to nuts
-- she has anorexia
-- she has a long scar on her hip, because she got kidnapped once
-- she loves rain
-- she also has the urge to wash herself a lot

--- Gaara, Miwa, Akuma ---

I decided to put Akuma, Gaara and Miwa together, because I thought Akuma and Gaara could neet one more person in their relationship. Especially, because in that way, Akuma can open up more and Gaara learns how to become more sensitive when he is with his girlfriends.

The three of them balance each other out. Especially in their daily life. While Akuma can bake, but not cook, Miwa can. This is just a little thing where they balance each other out. Also, Miwa is calm and this is something Akuma and needs this in their relationship. And I also think, Akuma feels lot more comfortable if there is one more women in this relationship.

Miwa is somehow a bit like Akuma, but also a bit like Gaara, that’s why she fits to them so much. It’s also a reason why she is with them. She is calm like Gaara but at the same time she can be cheerful like Akuma is.

Never without you by Naakichia

"This is a picture with Gaara, Akuma and Miwa (a new OC of mine)

Miwa will join later Akumas and Gaaras relationship. It was really confusing for all of them at first but in the end Akuma and Gaara really fell hard for Miwa so they wanted to try open up a bit and let her become a part of their lives, since Miwa started to mean really a lot to them.

All of them went through a rough time, especially for Gaara. I think he deserves more love. It would be a very, very new experience for him, that's for sure, but after all he went through he maybe would not just focus on one person only to love, but on maybe two if the chemie is alright. And Akuma would support him in that, encourage him for this new thing in their relationship, as she started to feel something for Miwa just as Gaara did.

Miwa is the daughter of a daimyo who lives in Suna. She works as a nurse in the hospital there, where she also first met Akuma and Gaara.
She loves children just as much as Akuma, which brought them definitelly together, but she is also less childisch and more serious, just like Gaara is ^^

Miwa is a year younger than Gaara is." [Description of "Never without you"]

Created at with image resources from
Free Copic Request! - Ver2 [OPEN]I want to try another copic head-shot , and you are free to join 
Well , I will give "1 slot" for free request for "portrait" type
Something like this

1 - You have to be my watcher
2 - please shared this journal
3 - I will pick only 1 request
4 - PLEASE , don't get angry if I didn't pick your request , their always next time
If you want to join
    After done everything above , please comment with this fellow info
- What you like the most in my art?
- link me to your journal about my free request
- link me your character info , it can be OC or any canon character
NOTE - I won't do Mecha or robot stuff.
Wish you luck!!
Art Raffle - OPENEDIT: I'm really sorry, today is the due date and there are not enough participants. I'm canceling this raffle. :/  
Hi guys!
Soooo i almost have 200 watchers Q//u//Q Thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me! 
And because i wanna show you how gratefull i am, i'm opening an art raffle! This is my second one :) I hope this one will go as good as the first one did.
- Be a watcher (new watchers are always welcome! )
-Favourite this journal  ;
- Link me back with the journal and a refference with the character you want me to draw in case you win the raffle and you'll get a number; 
      If there will be 20 participants, there's gonna be one prize
      If there will be  more than 40 participants, there's gonna be two prizes.
1st place: A halfbody with background;
Effa-sempai raffle ( Naruto OC)

Hi, dear watchers~ Now I am having a lot of exams.... So, I hope that those who commissioned me will wait with understand and compassion hahah
Also I am so happy that now I have 460 watchers!! OMG, guys thank u so much~ Thank u for your faves and comments~ 
Finally I decided to do raffle to thank you.
So, the rules are very simple as always!
1. Be my watcher
2. Create your journal with the link on this journal and left comment under this note with the link on your journal. 
And that's all~
There will be three winners:

1st place
Half body two characters

Second place
Portrait two characters

And the l
first thanks to all who have participated. Also thanks to everyone who donated a prizeChili Anime Emoji (Snuggy hug) [V2] 
All images look really nice: D and also thank you for all Watcher Hug 

But now we come to the winners :omgomg: 
PS: Please write to the people who makes the Prices for you:)

Place 1

[CE] Water Games by N-ukeNiN

:iconwilczyca117: halfbody
:iconlovely-lolo: fullbody without BG
:iconshionpants: Chibi
:iconchocolatte-kun: digital Chibi
:iconfern-sama: chibi
:iconfoossa: Chibi
:iconcamy-kun: Expression sheet
:iconmoyechi-dono: half pixeldoll
:iconthe-mage-of-nothing: 2 Chibis
:icondahpotato: Fullbody
:iconnyanyandesu: Chibi
:iconliizzieh-koi: Chibi
:iconbaztey: Fullbody
:iconclover456: Headshot Sketch
:iconmaximiliandraco: Halfbody Simple BG
:iconsatokimashibafc: Halfbody
:iconzillamekoson: Waist up Sketch
:iconkatsumi29: Fullbody
:iconsmarie12: Halfbody
:iconwanneko: Fullbody
:iconyukililapudel: Fullbody + BG
:iconladyyamimegami: Fullbody
:iconxalalax: Fullbody
:icondarkieheartache: Fullbody
:iconanime-rpc: Waist up

Place 2

ContestEntry by RizarMigoma

:iconwilczyca117: halfbody
:iconlovely-lolo: halfbody without Shading
:iconunlovingwonder: 300 Points
:iconkolor-mixes-studios: halfbody
:iconlondixx: headshot
:iconpumpkinqueenex: Chibi without BG
:iconseelenballade: Headshot
:iconxiozen: headshot Sketch
:iconkys-alis: Pixi
:iconmoyechi-dono: Chibi
:iconthe-mage-of-nothing: Chibi
:iconsugarcookie37: Chibi
:iconpattycolindres: Headshot
:iconnaakichia: Portrait
:iconwhatevenislife-chan: Chibi
:iconlulukuma: Chibi
:iconbaztey: waist up
:iconsakasho: Chibi
:iconrehvsullivan: Cell Shadding Halfbody
:icontheteacupmonster: Chibi
:iconzillamekoson: Waist up Sketch
:iconkatsumi29: Halfbody
:iconwanneko: Bust
:iconladyyamimegami: Waist
:iconxalalax: Halfbody
:iconmapplegirl: Fullbody
:iconanime-rpc: Waist up

Place 3

Angels of sand by Aunt-Lulu

:iconbel-lawl: Chibi
:iconsubtlerbreeze: waist up easy BG
:iconxiozen: headshot Sketch
:iconjayeybee: 15 Points(i pay)
:iconeldritchelysium: Pixel
:iconshintaworld: Chibi
:iconsugarcookie37: Chibi
:iconcelestemoon101: Heatshot
:iconpattycolindres: Headshot
:iconmarilynmarshall: Halfbody
:iconhannayoudo: bust
 :iconliizzieh-koi: Chibi doodle
:iconbaztey: Chibi
:iconkatsumi29: Chibi
:iconwanneko: Chibi
:iconcelestabell: Fullbody
:iconrinru-pii: Adopts
:iconnaakichia: Portrait
:iconyukililapudel: Halfbody
:iconcommanderlaining: Sketch
:iconflyhighandtakethesky: Pixel
:iconxalalax: Headshot
:iconmitzukimomiji: Halfbody
:iconimsofiawbu: Chibi
:iconitaslipy: Headshot
:iconsaeye: Chibi
:iconanime-rpc: Waist up

Place 4

[CE] We won't let you pass by Alice-Laiho

:iconhiro-draws: Chibi
:iconliizzieh-koi: Chibi flat Color
:iconxkiiro-me: fullbody
:iconmaximint: halfbody
:iconxra911: halfbody
:iconeeveella: icon
:iconwilczyca117: halfbody
:iconlovely-lolo: Chibi without shading
:iconkiru-tsukuri: halfbody
:iconmajoraccoon: headshot
:iconkureia: halfbody simple BG
:iconminttua: bust
:iconkingmonstarr: Headshot without BG
:iconchocolatte-kun: traditional Chibi
:iconmomilkysu: Pixel head
:iconsubtlerbreeze: chibi
:iconeeveella: headshot
:iconthelonelygirl-ovo: 2 headshots
:iconidkismyname: Chibi
:iconxiozen: headshot
:iconkys-alis: fullbody
:iconjasterrr: headshot
:iconnaakichia: Portrait
:iconxmidnightstar: Chibi
:iconnaaia: Halfbody

Place 5

One Day At The Beach by Tanamika

:iconnaakichia: Portrait
:iconsugarcookie37: Chibi
:iconpattycolindres: Headshot
:icontameroffire: Halfbody
:iconcalitheanimelover: Chibi
:iconbramblelace: Pixeldoll
:iconmayu17: Sketch
:icondahpotato: Fullbody
:iconsidgreen01: fullbody
:iconkys-alis: Pixi
:iconyoneyu: Waist up
:iconiceflower19: fullbody Sketch
:iconlucentangel: fullbody
:iconkolor-mixes-studios: chibi
:iconsairyou: headshot Sketch
:iconxkiiro-me: halfbody cell Shading
:iconfoossa: Chibi
:iconcamy-kun: Expression sheet
:iconalikapearl: Chibi mini
:iconkaice-chan: haldbody
:iconmela-mka: Headshot
:iconmomilkysu: chibi
:iconkolor-mixes-studios: fullbody
:iconalianisa: Halfbody

answer one of the questions to get a free request!

1. Why did Akumas hair change, after the Kazekage rescue part?
2. How many own children will Akuma have? wilnaah 
3. With who was Akumas first relationship?
4. Why is Akuma so afraid from men?   YumeHimura
5. Who was the first Jinchuriki Akuma met?
6. And how did she recognizes that that person was a Jinchuriki?
7. Who will find Akumas mother, she never have met until then?
8. What does Akuma say to Gaara after their first child is born?
9. What is "Eloiah"?
10. How many real siblings does Akuma have?

the answeres are somewhere on my page/gallery/journals. I wish you much luck!

You can choose one question and if you give me the right answer you will get one thing of my commission list for FREE!
PS: Only for Watcher

<da:thumb id="594730680"/>
Art raffle-ResultsEdit
So,the winners are::iconLabyrinthGirl17:1st place:A full body pic
                                :iconEsterial:A headshot pic
                                :iconDarkBachuru::A manga page like this
                                :iconNaakichia:A chibi
hi hi Bunny Emoji-88 (Hello) [V5] This is my first art raffle.I wanted to do one for a very long time,I didn't know what date to pick for it,but I finally decided that is a good
[CLOSED] REQUESTSIt's closed. Thanks to everyone for the interest and patience with me.
Hello. I'm bored. Unhappy with my life, tired of the same old shit, feeling like I'm begging for attention.
That said I'm opening requests in a fair attempt to lift my spirit; something I've been planing on doing in a while, but keeping it for the right moment.
I believe now it's the moment.
> Be my watcher. New watchers are fine, but don't unwatch me right after... unless you want me to get more distressed (? ;
> Share it with your friends if you can ; 
> I won't take everyone's requests. I'll do what I feel like, in different styles and probably some experimental. Pls, don't get mad if I don't take your request ;
> You won't know I picked your character until I deliver the piece ;
> Be patient ;
I will do:
Everything. Give me anything.
Male, female, whichever-sex-or-gender-whatever, young, old, beautiful, ugly, feral, anthro,

I was tagged by

:iconalice-laiho: , :iconkirrai:

PS: Thanks for Tag, and sorry, that i need so long!


1- Post these rules.
2- Post 8 facts about your character.
3- Tag other 8 characters.
4- Post their names along with their creators' avatars.


1. Akuma is a big fan of strawberry ice
2. She loves to sleep at night at Gaaras side. Since she lives in Suna she can not sleep alone anymore
3. Before she comes together with Gaara, she was in a relationship with Temari. They broken up because Temari realized that Akuma loved her brother.
4. Through her father's death, Akuma developed a bloodlust on her missions
5. After Gaara and Akuma enter into a relationship, he decides to come home in the evening latest by 9 o clock, but if he doesn't comes home until then Akuma goes to pick him up.
6. Akuma is so naive to believe in the one true love. Thus there is only one man in her life.
7. Akuma loves children above all and can not have enough. This is probably also the reason why she has later six own, two nursing and two adopted.
8. Since Akuma was beaten in her childhood almost to death, she opened up later with a house for abused women together with Gaaras help

Sorry If you've already been tagged!

:iconwilnaah: Nobu (vergib mir)

:iconaunt-lulu: Reme

How it Works

- Send me a link from your oc and call the Canon
- Send me a link from the Movie Scene you want

That was:D

color: 80 Points | black and white: 85 Points

wilczyca117 - Sweeney Todd by Naakichia

Httpcf067b.medialib.glogster.comtowson2016media484 by Naakichia Original Movie

I dont draw Real People
Christmas Raffle! WINNERSWinners!
:iconrenoluvsorchids: #16
:iconlilacrazyqiirl: #3
:iconZEKE3568: #10
Program used,
A picture like these with the style they want:


1- Share this journal
2- You must be a watcher
3- Comment here showing your journal or poll

Good luck my buddies! and thanks to take the time doing this! ^^
Also, you can do it for another deviant, always you follow the rules!
The timeline is until December 31
:iconhuamulan123: #1
:iconalien-junkie: #2
:iconlilacrazyqiirl: #3
:iconkonsu4: #4
:iconinfamoustetsuya: #5
:icondeaththegamergirl: #6
:iconkualalyptus: #7
:iconhoodedmidnight: #8
:icontalk-with-my-hand: #9
:iconZEKE3568: #10
:iconxxkooliezxx: #11
:iconHeiwa98: #12
:iconSoraAkimi: #13
:icontaniyauzumaki: #14

:iconxxreireixx: has opened a raffle as christmas gift, follow her in:

:youtube: Youtube
Tumblr Icon 

You can win a halfbody of a character!

-Share here the journal-

Her art
Sarada Uchiha by XxReiReixX CE :.Dominique Maggio.: by XxReiReixX Shizue and Reicheru :.Raptors birds.: by XxReiReixX
After a mission by XxReiReixX :.Let your energy flow.: by XxReiReixX Team 6 The Last by XxReiReixX

Also, she is open to commissions as paypal as points, Check her commissions journal


Good luck my buddies! and thanks to take the time doing this! ^^

Also, you can do it for another deviant, always you follow the rules!

The timeline is until December 31

Hey Everybody

I decide to make a Cloth or OC Commission. Because i Need lots of Points for an Beautyful Commission from :iconwilnaah: She make so beautyful ArtsHamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
So now i start

Adopt OC

Adopts Open by Naakichia 50 Points

Adopt a blind OC (You can decide what you want) - 30 Points

Or the Beautyful Clan + Oc

 200 Points

Adopt an blind OC + Clan - 40 Points


ADOPT-OPEN new Price by Naakichia
Adopts CLOSED by Naakichia

Adopt a blind Clothes - 30 Points

Adopt a Clothes (You can decide more) - 40 Points